Local researcher volunteers will give 30 minutes of time to research information located in the Laramie County Library Genealogy Room.  Additional time needed to research data outside of the Genealogy Room may be billed per an agreement with the research volunteer. E-mail queries should be directed to  cghswyoming@gmail.com

Please include the surname to be researched in the subject line of your e-mail and list the specific information you want the volunteer to research in the text of your e-mail.  If you know them, please provide full names and birth, marriage or death dates of the individuals you are researching.  The more information we receive, the easier it will be to complete your request.  We will make every attempt to complete your request in a timely manner.   If we need further information we will contact you.

Written requests can be mailed to:

Cheyenne Genealogical & Historical Society

P. O.  Box  2539

Cheyenne, WY  82003-2539

Please write ‘Research’ on the front of the envelope.  

We also have access to several researchers proficient in specific areas.  Each of them offers 30 minutes of time to search for information in our resources.  Additional time would be billed per an agreement with the researcher.

Jane Carpenter, MLS www.Buildatree.net or buildatree@comcast.netSpecialty is Mid-Atlantic and southern states with 18th & 19th Century emphasis
Sharon Field slassfield@bresnan.net Specializing in Wyoming searches
Sandy Wunder wunder.woman@ymail.comSpecializing in the province of Ontario, Canada and Canadian Loyalists
George Stumpf circlestar@yahoo.com Specializing in US Marshals & Deputy Marshals
Leslie F. Vosler lvosler@bresnan.net Specializing in Wyoming Obituaries
Wanda Wade WADE_27043@msn.com Specializing in Laramie County, Wyoming Marriage Records 1868 to 1906